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Every business, non-profit, or team has a story, and it is our goal to share it with the world. We can craft and disseminate any kind of story, while maintaining our core goal of reaching and touching lives through the power of connection. Some clients like to remain private and others are proud partners. Below you can learn more about our current partners and how their experiences with Lucie might also apply to your business.

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Concept Development

The right idea is the idea that moves an audience to action.

How long should my online video be?

Some video placement requires a predetermined length. Like commercials and platforms including Tik Tok. When creating a video on sites like YouTube they can be a lot longer but it’s important to keep your audience in mind. Most videos on the web shouldn’t be longer than a few minutes. This is a general rule and we’d be happy to discuss your current need.

How long will the video take to edit?

This really depends upon the complexity of the edit and the purpose of the video. Typically, promotional videos and social media content can be turned around between 1-2 weeks.

For long form content such as documentaries, it can vary depending upon the scope of the project. Usually with projects of this kind though, we will have an agreed upon completion date that we set forth in the pre-production stage.

Will you use __ piece of gear on my production?

You are paying so we’ll be happy to use whatever you wish. We own some of the best production equipment available including cameras able to shoot in 2k, 4.5k,5k 6k, and 8k resolution, more than 16 times the quality of standard 1080p HD broadcast. This means we’re able to cost effectively provide provide the highest quality lighting, sound and image capture available today. But if you have a passion for something else we can provide an estimate for that too.

How do we pay?

We typically charge 50% of the total project cost upfront as a refundable deposit. Upon completion of the project, we will charge the remaining 50%.

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